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A Fanmix For Pilots

I'm a pretty hopeless flop at graphics so I have no cover for my first ever fanmix for pilots, but here it is anyway. Click for my long-winded explanations for the stuff I put on it(the link to the mix is at the end, if you want to skip this part)...
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PS: Let me know if there's anything wrong please? 

New OTP alert

or more like Alert #2728920 since I started watching this show, which is my new favourite thing in tv this year and has given me an OTP who are going to rip my heart up in a way that is second only to pilots if they don't end up together.

I just wish it wasn't only 20 episodes long, and that I wasn't waiting to watch episode #20 right now (and they better get to be together! they must! or else I'm going to roast the pet goat of the gods of heaven and hell, just see if I don't).  I'm going to miss them so much, it's not even funny - and I'm sorry to puzzle my flist with rants about kdrama couples, but this is just warning of further word vomit to come. I mean, LOOK AT THEM:

....and surprise, surprise, it involves yet another young man suddenly thrust into a position of responsibility, and he's in love with (oh goodness, NOT AGAIN) a dead girl who's [spoilers]not quite human but not a ghost either, not anymore anyway, and is most likely going to go poof in six episodes' time.


IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first time in fourteen years I've got something by J.K. Rowling in my hand with fuck-all idea of what's inside, apart from the stuff on the blurb.  I doubt I'll get fannish about this one, but at the very least I hope to like it and suspect I just might. At any rate, it's a nice solid weight in my hand, I've spent the last fifteen minutes just looking at it, ha.

(and I hope not too much of it is like the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - a chapter that made my then thirteen-year-old self come thisclose to sniffing at it and giving up in boredom......until I hit the last paragraph, which gives me goosebumps even today)

Internet-less is a crap state of being

ESPECIALLY when your birthday is tomorrow and you want to catch up to the next episode of Downton Abbey and Arang and the Magistrate (both period dramas, but VERY different - I will talk more about them some day, when everybody is prepared to deal with my squee over how pretty the couples in both these shows are). Here's a pic:

Ficlet: Blue

Inspired by plaid_slytherin's headcanon challenge on no_takebacks
Word Count: ~450
Rating: whatever you want for some UST
This is AU, just so everyone knows.

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So yeah, not great but it was the best I could do in two hours :/

I have so much envy of EVERYONE who got to see this - and THEM!!! - in person. Too bad there's not a full HD video of the whole panel, but this is what I found, and it's pretty ok so far. 

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I think I'll try to soothe the heartache thinking of pilots inevitably leaves me with on by tapping some Sif/Loki (my new OTP, though mainly from fanon) fic on AO3. Though even they will not be enough to dull the pain of having UB on the rewatch next week :(



anyone else feel as UNCONTROLLABLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS as I do? (I mean, apart from the bit where he kills people and fucks with us, and frankly after BSG I can survive anything, I am teflon now)

BSG Ficlet: Swaggy Adult

for callmeonetrack, who drew my attention to this. Originally posted at no_takebacks, but tweaked to correct grammar and repetition/logic fails somewhat. I can't see it as anything but crack.

Summary: Lee and Kara are bodyguards to a certain Big Deal teenage boy pop star I've tried very hard not to name. 
Rating: G
Word Count: ~320

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More of my Kryptonite

I've said it before and will say it again - non-arty dance movies are my Kryptonite (the fun kind, that is - pilots will always be the kind that KILL me), but Jig is different from most other dance movies in that it's a documentary. About Irish dancing. And this trailer is introduced - ADORABLY - by a former Irish dancer who currently makes her living as a fashion model.

(seriously, watch 1:07-1:43 above. It was legendary in the fashion world when it happened, and it is amazing because you can hear a bunch of normally po-faced fashion types actually whooping.)

So basically, the point of all my squee is to say that there is crazy catchy Irish fiddle music and some lovely dancing, and please watch the video because it is just AWESOME.

PS: I watched Brave last week. I thought it'd be fun but ultimately forgettable, like Tangled or something, but instead it made me ugly cry. In a theatre full of small children.